2018 October 4: New feature is Service Visualization

As announced now also services can be visualized... with Force Directed Graphs. Cool. Uses D3.js ofcourse.

2018 September 28: New API formats: OpenAPI 3.0/Json and OpenAPI 3.0/Yaml

Popular formats for your (microserves)API. Of course all generated from the same COFIQ repository. Simply a press of the button. Try it out!

2017 September 18: New feature is Datamodel Visualization

Visualized with Force Directed Graphs. Cool. Uses D3.js ofcourse.

2016 Februari 3: COFIQ version 4 is out: JSON HYPER SCHEMA#

Now users have the option to output service contracts in terms of JSON HYPER SCHEMA. We know that many think it is not done to talk about service contracts when talking REST, API, microservices etc. We are convinced the benefits of REST address the shortcomings of XML usage, that we agree went way over the top in terms of complexity and redundant concepts. That is why we have always used a small subset of the XML Schema / WSDL standard. We are proud that the WSDL's we generate are easy to read, while at the same time our tool does remove the need to read or manipulate any XML. Now we can also generate JSON HYPER SCHEMA from the same repository information. This may come as a surprise for those fully sold on the REST ideals. All in all we are still talking about the definition of a collection of interoperable black boxes using input- and output-messages. As always, any remarks on your specific needs, ideas and suggestions are very welcome!
To be continued...

#Status is 'Expired Internet-Draft' (expired on August 4, 2013) and should be seen as 'work in progress'.